What can I use to replace the stakes for my solar lights?

The ground stakes are snapping off and I need something to stick the lights into the ground.
If they are the kind that slides over the stake you can buy a dowel rod and cut to size.If they are the kind that fits inside the stake then any some copper tubing or pvc pipe cut to size.
If the lights are the charitable that fit down inside the plastic stakes you can always buy small sections of metal pipe and fit the light down onto those. The metal stakes won't snap bad when driven down into the ground either. If they fit over the plastic stake...you will have to buy a metal pipe slightly smaller than the light stem so it will fit down over the metal pipe. You can also use wooden dowels, but they will weather against the clock outside.
Oh, solar lights. LOL, sorry. uhm... those little plastic steaks that the tube fits onto are a pain. I havent have a problem with the stakes themselves, the post however has warbled out and made it complicated to keep the lights standing I used a small peice of rebar smaller than 1/2" I dont know what size it was I used my big bolt cutters to cut it into 8" peices, I JB welded two peices different each to the inside of the decorative tube. removed the light from the top, used a block of wood on the top and helpfully tapped the post into the ground. Be careful especially if you have the plastic tubes, showery the ground or something very good first.
Once you do this do not pull the post up during grassland care. They will be secure enough to use the weed eater around.
plastic tent pegs ,at walmart in the camping branch. pvc pipe cut as many as you need from a 10 foot section.

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