I obligation a 1/2 hp dc motor and solar panel so that I can replace the motor surrounded by my evaporative cooler.?

A company wants $5K to install a solar powered cooler, but I only want to buy the dc motor and panel and he won't sell those to me. Where can I find the parts I involve. I want to save energy.
A 1/2 hp motor is going to necessitate a really big solar panel to keep a battery charged to run it all light of day.

Good Luck
You'll need about 6 panel to run a 1/2 HP motor,
only when the sun shines.
They won't sell them to you for your own good.
What you're planning simply won't work for you. Source(s): Retired Construction Consultant
If the motor is really 1/2 HP, then that's just about 400 watts, maybe realistically 300 when running.

Many motors of that size are actually "universal" motors, and will run just fine past its sell-by date DC. I won't give you any guarantees that it will work, and most likely no one will. You would also call for to develop about 100 volts DC, which is 4 grid-tie type panels in series. To afford margin when the sun isn't absolutely brilliant, you'd probably want 5 or 6 panels. But I don't know what would begin at sunrise, when there will be a very low voltage across the motor. Possibly it would be ok. If not, you'd need a controller to disconnect the panel when the sun isn't bright enough. Also, you would want to have some sort of protection for the panels against the inductive see that the motor might produce.

This is starting to sound like it would cost a sizeable fraction of $5000 already, with the bulk of the cost contained by the panels, which would be $500-$1000 each, depending on what kind you get hold of.

It could work, if your goal is to save energy. If your desire is to save money, that sounds difficult.

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