How do you remove SOLAR nail??

How can I remove my solar nails?? I dont wanna catch them filled or budge to the salon and spend my money just to attain them removed.
acquire straight acetone. you can go to a make-up supply house and get it, but if you can't find it, newly use acetone nail polish remover. thaw is best, but obviously don't HEAT IT UP..... that could turn out discouraging.... clip the fake tips rotten, and file as much of the product past its sell-by date as you can, then soak them surrounded by a bowl of acetone, and in the bowl, underneath acetone, scrape them beside a metal nail profile or a toothpick. it's a long, annoying process, but that's how they do it.... it's not much fun either.... lol I usually a short time ago file as much bad as i can, and then permit the rest grow out.

good luck!!
Very discreetly...No really u should just lurk awhile.They'll start popping off after acouple of week.You could try to soak them contained by warm soapy hose for awhile.That might help. Good luck

take some paint thinner and put it on you nail
soak ur nail in fastener plosh remover keep soakin them it help
get a bowl and put some staple polish remover in it
afterwards soak your hands surrounded by that for a little.
consequently try picking them off.
after deff. wash your hand or they will get dry if you dont!
pluhh. :[
soak them contained by nail polish remover for close to 10 mins or so then they should coating off, but for at least pop rotten or loosen, it worked for me.
Well, since Solar Nails ARE acrylic nails, afterwards just soak them contained by pure acetone for 25-30 minutes. Then GENTLY try to scrape the acrylic stale of your nails - one at a time while departing the others ones to soak. If you take them adjectives out at once, the acrylic WILL harden support up very at the double, and you will basically hold to start over again.
Whatever you do, don't use any kind of force to remove them. In other words, don't pry them bad, don't tear them past its sell-by date, don't rip them off. Be easy-going with them or you will motivation damage to your pure nails, and it will impose you a lot of unnecessary backache too. And do NOT let anyone at a salon do this to you any. Soaking is the only nontoxic way to remove acrylic nail, Unless:
If you find that after about 30 minutes that it simply is not coming past its sell-by date, then the probability are very appropriate that you went to a discount salon which used a disallowed substance on your nails call MMA. This stuff is bad communication. It is banned for use on nail. by the FDA. They only use it because it is soooo cheap to buy compared to the products a tech is supposed to buy. Hence, the low prices that they charge ($25 or smaller number for a full set). But, it does ruin your nails - sometimes forever, it can cause serious form problems, and its nearly impossible to remove by soaking alone. It would steal at least two, perchance three hours for it to even get a bit soft. If this is what you own, then you want to go to a reputable salon, beside highly experienced techs, and enjoy them filed bad of you. Just don't go support to the place that applied them in the first place. The likelihood are good that they will simply use nippers and slit them off, ruining your unconscious nails within the process and cause you a great deal of pain too. Soaking alone will NOT rob MMA off your nail. If you want to see what MMA nails look approaching after removal has be done, then check this out. Scroll adjectives the way down to the bottom of the page for the pics:
But near any luck, you will not have have this product used on your nails.
Solar nail can only be removed by freezing your hand. They are solar, after all.

(I'm solitary kidding. I'm not sure of how to remove them. Just idea silly) :P
Soak in pure acetone. Pour within a bowl and soak. It will take awhile. Buy a strong pin file to directory down and make the artificial nail thinner.
Try 100% Acetone. Be careful not to drop it on anything because it is amazingly flammable. Soak your nails till they achieve soft and gently verbs them off. Your hand will be very dry afterwards so use a fitting moisturizer. Good Luck!
soak em' in river, or remover for about 10 min or more.

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