Why do use the solar calendar when lunar is more accurate?

Tradition generally. Calendars are designed to be accurate, convenient, and understandable.

A solar calendar divides the year up contained by practically random chunks, but respectively year ends within one fourth of a year from when the year actually ends according to the season. There's no really obvious sign for this other than the exact elevation of the sun at noon respectively day, which nobody is going to look for, so while a solar calendar requires constantly referring to a bit of broadsheet, Solar calendars are dutiful for planning seasonal activities resembling planting, harvesting, sheep shearing, and other really esteemed agricultural activities.

A lunar calenar divides the year up contained by chunks equal to one lunar month, and you can tell something like what day of the month it is by the moon. However, you'll hold a chunk of several days between lunar periods at the finish off of the year, which is untidy, and must be "cleaned up" somehow. Jewish calendars sort of a short time ago chop it off. Muslim calendar cut the year short, and Chinese calendars use a complicated "leap month" cycle. Jewish lunar calendards transmutation which lunar phase represents which part of the month respectively year. Moslem calendars enjoy a "year" that is significantly shorter than the seasonally determined year, and Chinese calendar have years which sometimes hold twelve months, and sometimes have thirteen months. Any route you slice it, these are harder to use when dealing with far-reaching seasonal activities, and civilization, cavernous down, is based on agricultural production for food.
qualify your statement, first of adjectives.

we use the solar calendar because we have a long tradtion of doing so, put a bet on to the roman emperors. to change it presently would do no great good, and besides, what's the problem beside a solar calendar?

as an aside: what is this other person ranting on in the region of solar=man, lunar=woman? the only instrument that even remotely makes sense it that the menstrual cycle more closely follows lunar months than solar months.
Thank you, skepsis. One cannot compare the "accuracy" of two systems that index entirely different things! They both do an equally accurate job measure the things they measure. Silly cross-examine...
Our current calendar have evolved in the course it has because it keep the Earth in one and the same relative position to the Sun on the same calendar daytime every year. A lunar calendar would have the season occuring at different periods every year, e.g., winter starting within July in the northern hemisphere.
it easier to keep track of :)
Because the men run things here, for better or worse... (solar=male; lunar=female)
Yea, what he said, Men estimate they run things! HA!
It probably has something to do near superstition over the number 13.
The lunar calendar does not stick with the season. It would be a mess after a while.

The solar calendar and the lunar calendar are equally accurate. The solar calendar is much more convenient and that is why we use it.
Lunar calender go out of wack with the season. It wouldnt be the most efficient calendar.
Fireball2? WAT THE F**K?

"In USA we use the Roman calendar.. It have 12 months.."


So does the Lunar Calender!
because -- unto you your religion and unto me mine. its an Freedom of Expression i guess.

The lunar calendar have about 11 days smaller amount than the solar calendar. Thus, every year, the month of the lunar calendar occurs 11 days prior to what it have occurred surrounded by the previous solar year. Thus, in a span of just about 33 lunar years a human being will experience adjectives the different seasons for one hard to please month of the lunar calendar. This is very major because the yearly endeavours of a Muslim are based on the lunar calendar. Certain months similar to Ramadhan and Hajj are very meaningful to the Muslims. During Ramadhan a Muslim has to express which includes abstaining from food and drink from sunrise to sunset. If the Islamic months were base on the solar calendar where the season were fixed, after people living surrounded by certain parts of the world would enjoy Ramadhan in summer while within other parts of the world it would be winter. Some Muslims would have to express for a longer period of time where on earth the days are long while other Muslims would have to vigorous for shorter period of time where on earth the days are short. If the seasons did not amendment, then Muslims living surrounded by some parts of the world may feel that they are at a disadvantage throughout their lives.

By following the lunar calendar, every Muslim have a taste of fast in different season and for a different time period, contained by a span of his life. also it help women be accurate with her monthly overian cycle.

may the peace and blessings of Allah be near us and may He guide us in the right walkway. may He shower His mercy on us and protect us from Hellfire.

have a nice afternoon and peace.
In USA we use the Roman calendar.. It has 12 months..
Why is a lunar calendar more accurate than a solar?
Accurate? Well yes, the lunar calendar is more accurate for tracking phases of the moon, since by definition it is determined BY the phases of the moon. The months in the solar calendar are arbitrarily divided into twelfths of the year and are useless for tracking moon phases.

On the other appendage, the solar calendar stays in sync next to the seasons because it is defined by all along the solar year. The lunar calendar is terrible for tracking season because a year is 12 lunar months and 11 days long. A purely lunar calendar, such as the Islamic calendar, drifts 11 days every year so any one holiday is eventually celebrated in every season of the year.

There are compromise calendar, such as the Jewish one that insert leap months as necessary to hang on to the seasons straight. The "accuracy" of a calendar depends on what you deliberate is important, because the solar year and lunar month own nothing to do next to each other.
Accurate, schmaccurate.

Solar is much more useful.

How would guys ever remember their wives' birthdays next to a lunar calendar? Or would they have to bestow her a birthday present every month?
To measure pregnancy we use lunar calendar. Ordinarily thriving pregnancy lasts 10 lunar months - 10 months x 28 days.
I never used to have an idea that about this, until I started immerse myself in other cultures. The Chinese Autumn Lantern Festival have just finished and preparations for the Indian Deepavali (festival of the lights - or stars) and Hari Raya are within full swing. These ancient cultures looked to the night skies for answers to question about our planet's season and cycles and they were right to do so. It make sense to follow the lunar calendar. It is more accurate.

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