What is the difference between acrylic nail, gel nail, and solar nail?

I currently have acrylic nail but they are so thick and enjoy to be covered while tanning. Also, I always enjoy a french manicure, but the tips (where they are air-brushed) look terrible after a few days. I also enjoy a major problem beside them lifting. Are gel or solar nails better? Also, how can I manufacture sure they are true "gel" nails? I hold heard that some salon will try to pass acrylic as gel.

acrylic nail....
there are copious options for acrylics.. french, american, or regular tips.. frech and american can solely be clear.. regular can be used as any color that you can apply ontop.. after the nail tech apply the acrylic powder, record, drill, and buff them they would just put clear top coat ontop of frech and american tips... but for the regular tips.. they would put the color that you would want they they join topcoat....

Solar nails....
solar nail are often use a different kindly of acrylic powder called solar powder.. these solar powder jar are sold in one jar.. if you asked for solar nail and the nail tech brought out a jar minus the letter solar ontop afterwards it is not solar acrylic... unlike regular acrylic nails.. solar nail have nil to do with polish.. after they apply the acrylic, folder, drill, buff them they would add a buffing cream and use a solar drill and buff your nail until they turn shiny.

Gel nails..
gel and regular acrylic are often matching.. same structure and how they are applied... the only different chunk is when after they buff your nails.. they would NOT append oil to your nail but they would put a coat of gels ontop... gel dry almost instantly near the UV curing gel ray...

if i would pick one... i would deffinatly pick the french GEL nail.. i have them on right in a minute and they look so good.. i dont own to worry in the order of the polish chipping cause GEL nail do not chip even if you are swimming BTW i just come home from the swim GYM. heheh.. and they last much longer than the solar because solar fade overtime and it turn dull.. gel stays shiny all the time until you draw from your refillss....
Acrylic Nails

Acrylic nails are call many different name, with the pin technician's least favorite person "fake nails". We much prefer the possession artificial nails. There are several different types of artificial fastener enhancement products as economically as application procedures. The most commonly applied enhancement is traditional acrylic, which is a two-part system of soft (monomer) and powder (polymer). This type of product can be applied with one color of acrylic, pink and white acrylic for a Permanent French look, or can be applied near colored acrylic, glitter acrylic or contained by any combination.

Solar Nails
Its basically white and pink acrylic instead of polish. It last longer than reg acrylic nails and doesn't chip because the acrylic get buffed. Its much harder and stronger, but harder to get rotten.

Gel Nails
Gel acrylic is a one-part system consisting of the application of a thick viscosity gel acrylic. Gel is customarily 'cured' under a UV oil lamp. Do not confuse gel beside traditional acrylic. Even though the two products are actually acrylic, they apply and wear differently. Gel applied over acrylic to stamp the surface does not make your nail "Gel Nails". Gel nails are in truth acrylic nails; they are made from indistinguishable class of acrylates, but with different molecular structures, appearance, application procedures and different curing methods. Be in no doubt you are receiving the artificial nail you requested.


I had duplicate problem when i got an airbrushed french tip. Why dont you in recent times get white tip nail put on. These tips are already white. They look alot better and more natural later airbrushed frenches. There like $5 more.

Acrylic have more of a whitish look to it. Gel is clear and sticky like. They should be within separate bottles.

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