Gel nail or solar nail?

which nails are better gel nail or solar nails? cuz im going to bvaybrook malls IMAGE NAILS to acquire my nails done and i want to know which ones are better and which own a better result and last longer and hold shine all da time i tight more shine gel or solar and lasting longer please rite answers cuz im getting them done on saturday so hurry please i obligation ur help
Gel is okay. It's strong but not as shiny. I would jump with solar, they ending longer, have some SERIOUS shine and don't coppers color from tanning beds. I own gotten both and I prefer Solar. They are more shiny and they are pink and white usually instead of gel which is sometimes off white.
It's actually between solar or acrylic. Solar final longer. Solar is when they use the powder and lay it on top of your staple. Solar is usually $40- double of acrylic.

Gel is just a coating you can put lying on either acrylic or solar nail. It is like a clear protectant. However, some citizens don't like it because it make your nails thicker.

I'd individually go near solar pink and white with no gel.
First of adjectives, Solar Nails ARE acrylic nails. The products used contained by their application are exactly the same. This is a possession used by 'discount' salons to get you think that you are getting some bright, and better type of nail. You are not. Generally, Solar Nail refers to the standard Pink & Whites (Forever French). Instead of using one color of acrylic, they will apply a white powder to form the extension, hence the pet name Pink & Whites.And P&W's have be around a long time now. They are nil new.
Are they better than gel nail. Well, that depends on how you define 'better.'
When top of the stripe gel products are used, gel nails are non-yellowing, non-toxic, odorless, they look more pure, they are more flexible than acrylics, and less prone to cracking, breaking, and lifting, and they hold a very dignified shine to them.
Gel 101: Gels are not powder, ever. They are gels. And gel have a quill styling gel consistency to them. They are available in a far-reaching variety of colors, and shimmers.
Gel nail are applied one layer at a time. There are usually anywhere between 2-4 layer of gel applied to each staple. Each and every layer must be individually cured lower than an Ultraviolet lamp for roughly two minutes before the subsequent layer can be applied. Once the staple has be formed, a UV gel sealer or a UV finishing gloss is applied and cured as ably. The result is a beautiful staple - IF you have a tech who is experienced, and notably skilled in doing gel - and who uses the best products available. This is important. There are cheap cast-offs gels on the flea market. DIscount salons typically use these. The cheap gel are nothing but problems.
The difference between acrylic nail, and gels is this. Acrylic nail are applied with a fluid, and powder(s). There is no UV lamp involved.
Gel nail are just as I described already. If a tech is supposed to be giving you gel nail, and the tech uses ANY liquid and powder, you are getting acrylic nail. Period. Gel nails NEVER enjoy any liquid & powder used surrounded by their application. Ever. Don't let the tech try to fool you into thinking that you are getting gel nail if this happens. This is a adjectives scam in the discount salon, where they administer you acrylic nails, afterwards apply either a cheap UV topcoat, or a UV gel topcoat, and next they will call them gel nail, and charge you the much higher price for gel nail. These are NOT gel nails. They are acrylic, no concern what the tech tells you. Don't slump for this scam. It happens adjectives the time. BTW, a discount salon is the typical Walmart, or mall type of staple salon, where a full set of acrylics cost between $15 and $25, no appointment is needed, and in that is a huge language obstruction between you, and them. These are the places that will ruin your natural nail more often than not by using a Dremel drill on them, and file them paper skeletal, usually causing much niggle either during, or after they are done applying the nail. Nail services should NEVER hurt in any path, ever. And a Dremel drill is NOT for use on nails. In heaps states, it is illegal to use one of these on your nail, but they use them anyway). If this is the type of salon you are planning to go to, I would suggest reconsider, and finding a better place to have them done at. If you progress through with it, you'll know why I suggested this after you move out there, and your fingers are within a lot of backache.
Also, gel nails cannot be soaked bad. Only acrylics can be removed that way.
Hope this help.

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